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 Pilatus PC-12
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Pilatus Aircraft, Ltd. has been manufacturing world-class aircraft since 1939. The PC-12 turboprop aircraft has been in continuous production since its introduction in 1994, with the world-wide fleet having flown well over four million hours. The PlaneSense® program has since its inception taken delivery of almost 60 PC-12s out of the more than 1,400 PC-12 aircraft that Pilatus has delivered to date.

Features that have made this aircraft so popular include:

  • Non-stop range of over 1,500 miles (subject to passenger and carryon weight and weather conditions)
  • A spacious 330 cubic foot cabin that offers:

    • 1.   Pressurization at cruise altitudes up to 30,000 feet to help provide a smooth and comfortable flying experience
    • 2.   Six executive seats which provide plenty of leg, shoulder, and head room
    • 3.   A flat floor which makes traveling that much more comfortable, especially for pets
    • 4.   A fully enclosed lavatory to help leverage the range capabilities of the PC-12
    • 5.   in-flight access to the baggage area and a large 53 inch x 52 inch cargo door for easy loading and unloading of passengers’ belongings

  • A high performance, all-weather wing which is comfortable cruising at 300 mph, yet allows the flight crew to safely transport passengers to and from airports with runways as short as 2,000 feet
  • A state of the art cockpit which includes Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning, Traffic Alert, real-time weather and redundant instrumentation for both pilot and co-pilot
  • The proven reliability and economy of the Pratt & Whitney PT6A series turboprop engine, variants of which have been produced for 50 years and have been in service with over 6,500 operators in over 170 countries

 Nextant 400XTi
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Nextant Aerospace is recognized as the first company in the world to introduce aircraft remanufacturing to the business jet market. The Nextant 400XTi is a completely rebuilt Beechjet 400A/XP with William International FJ44-3AP engines and the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21® integrated avionics suite. Initially designed, certified and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the MU-300, the aircraft was designed to commercial airline aircraft standards. It is one of just a handful of business jets with a fuselage that has no life limit. The aircraft was further developed and updated by the Beech Aircraft Company and HawkerBeechcraft. Total production was over 900 aircraft. According to Nextant Aerospace, several hundred of these aircraft are good candidates for remanufacturing. It has already remanufactured and delivered 60 400XT and 400XTi jet aircraft.

Features that have made the 400XTi so popular are:

  • Non-stop range over 1,700 miles (subject to passenger and carryon weight as well as weather and runway conditions)
  • Equipped with wi-fi allowing passengers to make phone calls, email and text people on the ground plus access the Internet
  • A 305 cubic foot cabin that offers:

    • 1.   A “squared oval” design that provides more head and shoulder room when seated than typical light jets enhanced by Nextant® with a composite interior shell that provides an additional three inches of space around the shoulders and an additional 2.5 inches above the head
    • 2.   A new acoustic insulation package that cuts interior noise by 9db (a 50% reduction) compared to prior model iterations
    • 3.   A service ceiling of 45,000 feet to help fly above virtually all weather and provide a smooth ride
    • 4.   Four seat club seating with pitch that is the most generous the amongst all light business jets plus a three person divan and a belted lavatory seat
    • 5.   A fully enclosed lavatory
    • 6.   A flat floor which makes for a more comfortable flight, especially for pets
    • 7.   45 cubic feet of internal and external storage for passengers’ belongings, including the ability to accommodate snow skis.

  • Cruise speeds as high as 460 knots to help shorten flight times

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